Have Your Brakes Repaired by a Reliable Auto Service Provider

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  Mobile German Auto Works is a reliable auto service provider that helps the people in Santa Cruz, CA and many of the surrounding areas by providing them with a wide range of roadside assistance and repair services. We have been in business since 1975 and over the years, we have helped numerous vehicle owners in various ways. Here, however, we would like to share information about the brakes repair service we provide, so if you are interested in learning more, just keep reading.

 Whenever you notice even the slightest problem with your brakes, you have to turn to experts like us and get the repaired as soon as possible. If the pedal is not stopping where it’s supposed to, it takes you longer to stop the car or you just have to use the manual brake to do it, you definitely have a problem that has to be solved right away. No matter where in the local area you are, we are able to come to your aid during any part of the day or night because we are available 24/7. All you have to do is call us and give us your location, and we will be right there to help you!

 We have a lot of experience repairing many different makes and models of vehicles and a huge variety of issues. Because of that, we are able to find the source of the issue quickly and come up with a good plan for its repair. We also have the required skills and equipment to repair the brakes on your car, regardless of the brand, and will do so as quickly as we can so you can get back on the road. When we finish our work, we will also explain to you what has happened and give you some tips on how to keep the brakes in good condition for a long time.

 If you need more information or want to take advantage of our auto service for faulty brakes, you should give Mobile German Auto Works a call at (831) 419-9419 right away.

We can come to your aid anywhere in the Santa Cruz, CA area, and we stand by for your calls!