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How to Know You Need a New Fuel Pump?

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How to Perform Mercedes Repair Checks on Bad Fuel Pumps

a woman is tinting the windows of a Mercedes, that is repaired.Along with the freedom which a person receives when owning a Mercedes, there is the responsibility to also maintain and care for the engine and other components in order to keep the car in top working order. Sadly, even with all this care, some parts do eventually need replacing or repairing. The fuel pump is an excellent instance of such a thing. if you are wondering that your vehicle is suffering from a bad fuel pump, below are just a few tips from our Mercedes repair service team to help you. Continue reading

Trust the Professionals to Service Your Car

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The Benefits of a German Auto Repair Shop

Fantastic mechanic servicesIn the last blog, we looked at the reasons why you should have your car regularly serviced. Here, we take a look at why it is important to use a professional German auto repair shop if you own a quality European car.

Car servicing has changed over recent years, and you can no longer service a car using a couple of wrenches and a feeler gauge. Modern cars have sophisticated engine management systems and computerized traction and suspension systems, that require specialized software and instruments to monitor and repair. These are not generally available to amateur mechanics, and even if you know someone who has these tools, there is no guarantee that they will have been updated with the latest details. A professional German auto repair shop will have these and everything else needed for a quality service or repair.

If you need help with your European car in Santa Cruz, CA, call Mobile German Auto Works at (831) 419-9419 for assistance.