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What Is the Job of an Auto Service Writer?


auto body shopAn auto service writer is a liaison between a customer and auto technicians. They are the first person a customer will speak to when going to a repair shop, and they are responsible for creating a work order, making estimates, and confirming why repairs are made. This person, also referred to as a service adviser, is often said to be the ambassador of a repair shop. Customers very rarely interact with their repair technicians face to face. In many cases, they usually rely on the service writer’s information and funnel any questions through them.

Customer service is a vital part of every automotive service writers profession. These individuals are the people that a client speaks to over the phone when a service is scheduled, and they are also the people that will greet the customer when they come into the shop. Excellent communication and social skills are crucial. Customers that have troubles making an appointment or that feel neglected by the shop will normally take their business some where else, in material of how good the repair shop is.

Taking note of all the services that have to be done is another part of an auto service writers job. Skilled ones could also recommend extra services based on a car’s repair history, mileage or age. Someone that comes in for a basic oil change could end up walking away with a tire rotation, fluid flush, and belt diagnostic; however, this will all depend on the sales skills of a service writer.

They are also the ones responsible who provide a customer an estimate of how much everything is going to cost and usually make this based on how long the repairs take. It is also down to them to explain procedures and answer any questions could come up. Most of the time, they are also responsible for sorting out a rental car if the repairs take more than a day.

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